Legal Bitcoin Casinos – Play Real Money Casino Games Legally With Bitcoin

Bitcoin Slots Online casinos have always been at the very front of the technological revolution of innovative online gaming. There are constantly new versions of old and new games being released with different and exciting new functionality and game play. Legal bitcoin casinos are a powerful example of how online casinos are usually the first to adapt new advancements in online technology.

It’s not just the fringe online operators that are now accepting bitcoin as a banking method. Bitcoin has become an industry of its own. Top-tier casinos accepting bitcoin are popping up in every corner of the internet and with bitcoin’s recent market value gains this could only be the beginning of what the cryptocurrency has to offer.

Are Online Bitcoin Casinos Legal In The US In 2024?

Offshore online casinos that accept bitcoin are legal to participate in from nearly every state in the US. There are no federal laws that specifically condemn online casino gambling.

The legal status of online gambling in most states is in between the two ends of the spectrum. Its neither legal nor illegal and therefore the required regulation and tax infrastructure has not been established in most states.

Without that regulation, online gambling businesses can’t maintain favorable relationships with the banks that they rely on for their transactions and their businesses will almost assuredly crumble.

The online gambling operators who wish to access the world’s principal markets and remain legal and in a good relationship with the banks seek out international gambling jurisdictions that have good regulation in offshore locations.

Only Reputable US Bitcoin Casinos For 2024
All Casinos Legally Licensed Offshore

What you will find below is a list of trusted online casinos that accept Bitcoin. Each of the sites listed below are all located in internationally renowned gambling jurisdictions outside of the United States allowing them to legally accept US players. The licenses are all up to date, updated regularly and the regulating bodies of their jurisdictions are some of the most widely used in the world.

Each casino site meets the industry standards in terms of game selection, banking options, bonuses, and customer satisfaction and these are the reasons that we here at legal bitcoin gambling have included these particular casinos in our guides. These truly are the most reputable bitcoin casinos available.

Top Rated Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoin In 2024

Site NameCurrent BonusU.S.Visit Site
Legally Licensed US Friendly Bitcoin Casinos
Bovada Logo100% Max $4,500USA Flag IconVisit Site
Cafe Casino Loog500% Max $6,000USA Flag IconVisit Site Logo150% Max $7,500USA Flag IconVisit Site
CryptoReels450% Max $4,500USA Flag IconVisit Site
Lucky Red Casino400% Max $4,000USA Flag IconVisit Site
Betonline Logo200% Max $5,000USA Flag IconVisit Site

Common Questions Answered Regarding The Legalities Of Bitcoin Casinos In The United States

Breaking Down The Legal Status Of Using Bitcoin in Offshore Online Casinos From The US!

As we mentioned above, there is nothing illegal about US residents gambling online via an offshore casino.  As we explain on our bitcoin gambling laws section, there are simply no laws that ban the act of betting with the exception of Washington which explicitly prohibits online gambling.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Bitcoin In Online Casinos


  • Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are not tied to any organization or national heritage. This means that there will be no random fees attached to the transactions and no political entities that can freeze your accounts for any reason.
  • At most Legal Bitcoin Casinos, Bitcoin deposits and withdraws are free of processing fees.
  • The digital nature of Bitcoin makes it safe and completely anonymous. Your financial information is never handed out to anyone even when you are transferring bitcoin.


  • The price of Bitcoin changes from day to day and requires smart gamblers to pay attention to the rise and fall of the market value of bitcoin to maximize their winnings.
  • Bitcoin is not associated with any banking institution or national origin and therefore cannot be retrieved for you if you pay for a service that isn’t granted to you.
  • Bitcoin is a digital currency that relies on private keys for the bulk of its value. Hackers can steal those codes and therefore steal your bitcoin. This is an easy problem solve if you have a proper wallet though.

How To Use Bitcoin To Fund Your Online Gambling Accounts

How To Buy Bitcoin - Buying bitcoin is very easy. The first thing you need to do is find an exchange that you are comfortable with. A couple of the most popular bitcoin exchanges are Coinbase and Gemini.

Once you have registered with the exchange that you have selected, there will most likely be a price chart and a few graphs that explain various details of the bitcoin market and how it’s value rises and falls depending on global transactions. You input your financial information and the system with verify your identity.

Sometimes this takes a few days. After the verification, you will be free to purchase any amount of bitcoin you desire.

How To Store Your Bitcoins In A Hot/Cold Wallet - The simplest way to explain it is by the hot and cold storage methods. Hot methods are still attached to the internet and retain the small chance of a hacker hacking his or her way in and stealing those precious private keys.

It’s impossible to understand how truly common this is, however, most software and internet based bitcoin wallets are very digitally secure. If you are not storing a lot of bitcoin in them and advertising it, the chances of a hacker getting your bitcoins are probably pretty low.

How To Transfer Funds To Your Bitcoin Casino Account - After you have decided how you will store your bitcoin, the wallet that you have chosen will provide for you an alphanumeric code which is your wallet address. You will use this in the online cashiers at legal bitcoin casinos to deposit as much bitcoin as you would like.

How To Place A Real Money Bet - Well this technically depends on the game you are playing. With bitcoin, you will place your bet the same way you would place your bets with any other currency. The bitcoin that you transfer into your account will show up as the currency you have set in the preferences at most legal bitcoin casinos. If you transfer $25 in bitcoin to your account, it won’t show that you have 0.00575 BTC, it will show that you have $25 dollars. This way you have accurate idea of what you are betting.

How To Withdraw Your Winnings - In the withdrawal/payout section of the casino cashier, you will see bitcoin as an option. Choose that option, enter in your bitcoin address and then indicate what portion of your winnings you wish to be sent. Because we only recommend the largest and most trusted bitcoin casinos, players can expect their winnings to be paid in a timely manner often in 24-48 hours if not the same day.

What You Should Know About Bitcoin Casinos

Most bitcoin casinos offer several bonuses specifically for bitcoin depending on the provider that you have particularly chosen. There are even games that are played with bitcoin only and that have bitcoin only prizes. The most common bonus that you will notice throughout the industry is the welcome match bonus. There are also very commonly bitcoin welcome bonuses that behave the same way. In these bonuses, you will get a percentage of your deposit matched and added to your account.

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